Gel Battery

There are two primary types of VRLA batteries,gel cells andAGM. Gel cells add silica dust to the electrolyte, forming a thick putty-like gel.ventional batteries, as well as each other.


Quadflex Battery

Motobatt's innovative internal 'Power Balanced' design has been developed to overcome these problems.



MOTOBATT models: Little Boy, Water Boy, Big Boy, Fat Boy, Dual Bank and Quad Bank are a microprocessor controlled "Charger and Maintainer" in one unit, and enable a regular consumer without battery knowledge to properly charge and maintain any lead acid battery safely.


        Tester & Accesories

The reason behind any type of ongoing battery maintenance whether its charge or testing related is all about YOU. There is always the time when your battery will become worn out or you're starting / charging system will fail.






Model     MTX3L
Voltage/Capacity 12V/3.6Ah/40A
Dimension/mm L 97 W 56 H 109
Replace Yuasa


 12N3-3A, 12N3-3B








Model     MTX5AL
Voltage/Capacity 12V/6Ah/85A
Dimension/mm L 120 W 59 H 131
Replace Yuasa










Model     MTX7A
Voltage/Capacity 12V/7Ah/110 A
Dimension/mm L 151 W 88 H 95
Replace Yuasa  YTX7A-BS
Terminals 2





Model     MTX9
Voltage/Capacity 12V/9Ah/125A
Dimension/mm L 137 W 76 H 133
Replace Yuasa

 12N7-4A, 12N9-4B-1

  YB7-A, YB9-B




Model     MTX3L
Voltage/Capacity 12V/8Ah
Dimension/mm L: 98 W:56 H:109
Replace GS GS Astra ,GM3-3B
Terminals 2








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We sell through multi-step dealer channels and after only a few years we enjoy majority marketshare in Indonesia markets and recognize that this is thanks to our premium products and service oriented dealers.

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